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"Hi, the spirit of Loud Shirt Day is one of colour, sound, life and a bright future for all children who are born deaf and have the benefit of Hear and Say’s services! I am filled with joy when I see the impact Hear and Say has had on my family and other families like mine. What I feel as a father and a husband can be a heavy burden. My kids mean the world to me, my wife Tash and I are committed to being there for them no matter what. I don’t - and haven’t until now - shared the story of burden on us because I felt it might get in the way of the spirit of Loud Shirt Day fun.

However, anything that a charity can do to relieve the burden parents bear and continue to bear has the highest value to those families who are blessed with children who are born with a disability. Without that support, my family would be alone navigating uncharted territory.

Mettle is taking its social footprint even more seriously in the pandemic, rather than lessening its charitable giving. Mettle, as a company is refusing to let the pandemic get in the way of the lifeblood of Hear and Say. The impact we collectively make on Loud Shirt Day helps create awareness and raise funds for Hear and Say to continue with their mission.

That mission broadly, is to help deaf children to listen and speak. With your help their lives can be filled with colour, sound, and a life that opens up to a bright future of choices. Thank you for contributing to the Team you have a personal connection to, and becoming part of our efforts to help even more kids and families for Loud Shirt Day 23 October 2020.Team Mettle represents the combined contributions from its Corporate Partners, friends, staff, and supporters.

Will you share this page and our any social media posts you see, wear a Loud Shirt Friday 2020 to raise awareness, and donate as much as you are able towards future research and training for kids who suffer hearing loss?"

Marc Kenney [MD of Mettle] and wife Tash, and kids

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