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Why is Hot Shirts making noise, getting creative, and wearing LOUD Shirts for charity?

The concept of a ‘LOUD’ shirt ties in with helping make some NOISE ensuring that children who are deaf - or hard of hearing - are given choices the same as their hearing peers. Will you help their needs be heard? We are raising awareness and support for Global Loud Shirt Day 23 October 2020.

All children in Australia deserve the opportunity to reach their full potential in life, unrestricted by the disadvantage of hearing loss. With our help, research and funds can help them access vital early intervention services, and learn to listen and speak. Mettle is an Ambassador for Loud Shirt Day, and I am proud to help Mettle with this cause. Will you share these links and contribute with me to spread the Butterfly Effect. We are raising funds as we progress this Loud Shirt Day movement.

Matt Hoffman

My Updates

16 Oct 2020

Only 7 days to do before Loud Shirt Day and I can’t wait to get on my LOUDEST shirt. But before we get LOUD, here’s fun fact no.4 for you!

Apparently, you do not need to clean wax out of your ears unless you have an abnormal condition. Ears push excess wax out as needed (https://www.hearingaids.com/hearing-loss-tinnitus/10-facts-about-hearing/

15 Oct 2020

Hot Shirts is getting ready for loud shirt day!!

08 Oct 2020

Loud Shirt Day is only 15 days away and counting down! Fun Fact #3 about how we hear. It turns out, that having hairy ears isn’t all that bad for you, because your sense of hearing depends on tiny hairs deep inside your ear. If you lose these hairs, you lose your hearing. See that tiny cochlea in the diagram? This is the Australian bionic invention that has changed the lives of many kids who are born deaf.(https://www.hearingaids.com/hearing-loss-tinnitus/10-facts-about-hearing/).

30 Sep 2020

Another day closer to Loud Shirt Day!
We can’t wait for everyone to get into the spirit of loud shirt day and wear their LOUDEST shirts on 23/10/2020!
Please make sure to pencil this important date down in your calendar… And speaking of pencil, did you know the inner ear is the circumference of a pencil eraser.

25 Sep 2020

The countdown is on for Loud Shirt Day, 23rd of October. Watch us post progress along with fun and interesting facts. Do you know there is one part of your body that controls your sense of balance? That’s right, you guessed it, the Ear! Keep an eye on this page, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted! And to get us started: Fun Fact #1: The smallest bones are the ossicles in the middle ear: the incus, the malleus, and the stapes; also called the anvil, hammer, and stirrup. #hotshirts

28 Aug 2020

Welcome to our journey of The Hot Shirts, as we help raise awareness for kids who have hearing loss, or who are deaf. The number of kids with hearing problems increases from birth to school, seriously affecting their learning, and their friendships. And that can leave them isolated, or falling behind. And, it doesn’t need to be that way! The Hot Shirts are on a mission to help raise funds for increased school screening - across all States. Check in to this page to join the fun as we Get LOUD!

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