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Let's get LOUD...

As a family we are planning to get LOUD on Friday, October 23 to ensure that children who are deaf or hard of hearing can access vital early intervention services. This helps them learn to listen and speak, just like their hearing peers.

Three years ago, our family got a huge shock to find out that our son Max (now 7 years old) was hearing impaired. This news came as a complete surprise to us and was only a random find at his 4-year old immunisations.

We have learnt so much, and adapted to the changes this represents, not only for Max but our whole family. Max has single-sided deafness meaning that one ear is working as normal; however, his right ear doesn’t work. We aren’t sure when Max lost his hearing in that ear, but we do know that he was given access to hearing as soon as it was diagnosed. Max now has his bumblebee (Max's name for his cochlear implant), which he received in January 2018.

Our family now has the support to help other families, siblings and children, that otherwise may not be quite so fortunate. Thank you for the support that everyone gives us because all kids and their families, should have the possibilities that have been extended to Max and ours.

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