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Let's get LOUD...

We are planning to get LOUD on the 16th and 23rd October to ensure that children who are deaf or hard of hearing can access vital early intervention services and learn to listen and speak, just like their hearing peers. We were inspired by our colleague Steve McLeod for this initiative and we would like to share his story to raise awareness.

“When I was 37 years of age I was diagnosed with a rare auto-immune disease called Neuro-Sarcoidosis. I started to have some hearing issues and I first tried very strong hearing aids which gave me hope, but my hearing was bad. One day I climbed a ladder to change a light bulb and I suddenly lost my hearing completely and I was now 100% deaf. Over several months, many tests and trips to Sydney to see experts, I was living deaf, not able to speak to friends on the phone or socialise. It was a very lonely time. Ultimately, I had surgery for my right ear cochlear and 2 years later I got the second implant for the left ear. The difference between one cochlear and two cochlear was life-changing. I do not know how I survived with one. Yet I still feel I have an advantage over the kids as my brain had heard language and sound for 37 years. Graham Clarke invented the Cochlear and without this invention, I would not be working and contributing into society. I am very grateful Genie Solutions has chosen to support this great cause. Can you imagine what it is like for a kid who has hearing issues from a young age? The isolation, not to be able to communicate because they never learnt how to.”

We are asking for your generous support so that together we can make some noise and help children in Australia to reach their full potential in life, unrestricted by their hearing loss.

Thank you in advance!

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