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Terms and Conditions

Hear and Say values and appreciates the generosity and support offered through fundraising endeavours. There are some rules that we all must abide to, so please read through the following to familiarise yourself with our terms and conditions.

Your fundraising activity must align with Hear and Say’s mission and values as detailed on our website www.hearandsay.com.au.

The event organiser must keep accurate financial records of the event or fundraising activity i.e. an accurate account of expenses and income sources (ticketing, raffles, auctions, etc).

The fundraising activity must be self-funding. Hear and Say will not be held liable for any losses or expenses incurred by the event, including cancellation of the event for any reason.

The event organiser must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the expenses do not exceed a fair and reasonable proportion of the gross proceeds obtained from the event.

Financial, public liability and public safety are all the responsibility of the event organiser.

Receipting Donations

A donation is defined as an unencumbered gift. Tax deductible receipts cannot be issued for receipt of admission, raffles, auction items, services or goods (unless the goods are donated as a gift in kind). Hear and Say can issue letters of acknowledgement for donations of goods.

All donations of $2 and over may be claimed as a tax deduction. Fundraisers may request a donation receipt book or provide gift details and contact details of the donor.

Fundraisers agree to send the proceeds of the fundraising activity, together with any relevant correspondence to Hear and Say within seven days of the conclusion of the fundraising activity.

What we can do to help you

Offer information on event planning; provide templates, videos and resources; provide localised case studies where available; list your event on our website and Facebook page; provide receipts, certificates of appreciation and thank you letters to donors and supporters; provide on-site support at your event depending on the location, availability and fundraising goal; arrange a formal cheque presentation.

Unfortunately we are unable to

Extend our tax exemption to you; provide insurance coverage; provide funding or reimbursement of expenses; guarantee celebrity ambassadors’ attendance/promotion; guarantee publicity, newspaper, radio, TV coverage; provide contact information of our donors, employees, families or volunteers.

Media, Public Relations and use of the Hear and Say logo

We encourage you to include the Hear and Say logo on promotional material and/or issue information via marketing channels to help promote your event. For any and all publicity, we do ask that you first submit your item for prompt approval by our Fundraising and Marketing team, e.g.: use of the Hear and Say logo on any of your digital materials, collateral printed with Hear and Say’s logo and name, or media releases.

Your fundraising activity cannot be advertised as a Hear and Say event; however it can be referred to as a fundraising event ‘in support of Hear and Say’. 

Social Media

Hear and Say can share details of your event and names of attendees via our social media and printed publications. When creating an event page on Facebook, please be sure to stipulate that the event is ‘in support of Hear and Say’ (not hosted by).

To the best of your ability, ensure inappropriate images, statements, comments, etc. are not posted or are removed from a Facebook event page, Instagram post or Tweet (Twitter).

Don’t forget to use #hearandsay #openingworlds

and always tag @HearAndSay on socialContent