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Queensland's Loudest Town

We are still getting congratulated by people - it has certainly raised awareness for Hear and Say and hearing loss. The competition seemed to bring the community together even more."

Linda Waddell

Mum to Eli, local hero and inspiration for the 2019 winning town of Tully

Loud Shirt Day is all about making some noise for Queensland families impacted by hearing loss. As part of the 2019 Loud Shirt Day celebrations, Hear and Say introduced a hotly contested challenge to find Queensland’s Loudest Town. The small North Queensland town of Tully ultimately took out the title, with schools, businesses and community groups all rallying behind local hero, Eli Waddell, to raise over $13,000 to support children with hearing loss!

This year's competition sees a 'head to head' challenge between the two tiny central Queensland communities of Aramac and Wowan.

The winning town will receive a framed limited-edition LOUD shirt signed by NRL legend and Hear and Say Vice-Patron, Wally Lewis

Aramac Gets LOUD for Emmy

Amongst the most dedicated Loud Shirt Day supporters is Kerryn and her family, who live in the drought-stricken Western Queensland town of Aramac. With a recorded population of just 299 people, Aramac is located over 120km west of Longreach and punches well above its weight when it comes to rallying behind its local families.

Kerryn’s seven-year-old daughter, Emmy inspired Aramac’s entry into the 2019 Loud Shirt Day challenge to find Queensland’s Loudest Town, after she was diagnosed with a permanent hearing loss in both ears shortly after birth.

Last year's runners up are back for another year and determined to be crowned Queensland's Loudest Town 2020 as they show their support for Emmy and other Queensland children with hearing loss.

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Wowan Gets LOUD for Arthur

Vying for this year’s Queensland’s Loudest Town crown is the rural community of Wowan, located 70 kilometres south-west of Rockhampton and with a recorded population of just 216 people. 

Leading the charge is Lysandra and Leo Olsson, whose youngest son, Arthur was born with hearing loss in both ears. Now an inquisitive and bubbly two-year-old, Arthur has fortnightly listening and spoken language therapy lessons at Hear and Say via telepractice, and is making beautiful strides learning to listen and speak with the use of hearing aids.

For Arthur to be able to hear is particularly special to us, as we are a very musical family and have a piano, guitar and ukuleles in our house, and love to have sing-alongs at family get-togethers.”


Mum to two year old Arthur

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